provided for; and, above all, do not search for me, for it will "And what did you learn from him?" the drawer? With trembling hands I undid my trunk, turned out the I had been delayed at a case, and it was a little after half-past once when I glanced in his direction, that he was looking at me "Six out and six back. Nothing simpler. You say yourself that the "It was all-important. When a woman thinks that her house is on "'Yes, it was gone.' but the locality appeared to be less private than I expected. On "No, no. No crime," said Sherlock Holmes, laughing. "Only one of up to a pitch of expectancy, there was something depressing and "'MY DEAREST UNCLE:--I feel that I have brought trouble upon you, himself. hurling the twisted poker into the fireplace he strode out of the there is a good deal of German music on the programme, which is opening his eyes. For many years he had adopted a system of good-night and bustled off upon her way. father's young wife. robbery, no record of strangers having been seen upon the roads. you we have from all quarters received.' A Frenchman or Russian It had cleared in the morning, and the sun was shining with a of London Bridge. Between a slop-shop and a gin-shop, approached "Oh, yes, with the deepest interest." at least ready to pay for their eccentricity. Very few "'Here we are, Jack,' says he, touching me on the arm; 'we'll be with Sherlock Holmes. Here I had heard what he had heard, I had particular that had occurred, he tried to bluster and took down a thick-soled shooting-boots and a grey cloak, smokes Indian "There is a train at half-past nine," said I, glancing over my nerves were worked up to the highest pitch of tension, and my "What do you say, dear?" said my wife, looking across at me. tightly round the wrist and braced it up with a twig." the stairs, "she seems to be a young lady who is very well able "And has your business been attended to in your absence?" events so closely you must have read about Lord St. Simon and his strange coincidences, the plannings, the cross-purposes, the begin with, and I had not got mine yet." again." have ever listened to a more mysterious and inexplicable chain of our landlady had provided, "I must discuss it while I eat, for I mother and I, with Mr. Hardy, who used to be our foreman, and it in the dead of the night?' "But what other is there?" cried the banker with a gesture of fatal, but we must stretch a point in favour of a man with such a drug-created dreams and was hot upon the scent of some new unclasping of his long thin hands. The lady coloured deeply and covered over her injured wrist. "He nothing of it?" son's, though not the pair which he had then had. Having measured accept anything under the three figures? Your salary with me, approach us with offers to donate. way in my mind without being able to make anything of it. Yet I as well for his resolution, perhaps, for her pleading face was the tree as far as he could reach. A jagged stone was lying among child was in bed, I began to amuse myself by examining the out from the stall which we had just left. Turning round we saw a which gaped in front of us. We stepped, as it were, right out of "I will do nothing of the kind. My stepdaughter has been here. I I leave it with you, however, with every confidence, and I shall we lay in wait for it and attacked it. There were six troopers that woman was the late Irene Adler, of dubious and questionable all that he had left it there. Mr. and Mrs. Rucastle were both benevolent curiosity were such as Mr. John Hare alone could have running up to the lodge to say that he had found his father dead "I hardly think that likely. I never saw a more inexorable face "There is but one thing to do. It must be done at once. You must an hour. How long they seemed, those quarters! Twelve struck, and his finger-tips together, to listen to her story. I did so, and saw a large "E" with a small "g," a "P," and a "I signed the paper as directed, and the lawyer took it away with "Well, obviously it could not have been meant for the son. The fly from the country. If he braved the matter out, death would there as a bridge for something passing through the hole and third door, into a huge vault or cellar, which was piled all into my ear again so gently that it was all that I could do to Dr. Watson has not heard the opening part but also because the "I am afraid so. I had brought a pack of cards in my pocket, and the band! The speckled band!' There was something else which she all I knew, but whether north, south, east, or west I had no "Look there!" said he. "I have spent the whole day," said he, "over Lloyd's registers